Have you ever considered how much hot air enters your home through the roof? Indeed, the oven-like environment underneath your roof makes it hard for your air conditioner to keep your home comfortable. Here’s how investing in attic roof vents is an effective way to keep your house fresh during the steamiest days in Naples, FL.

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It’s easy to forget about your roof. After all, unless the roof is leaking or parts are blowing off the house, your roofing system performs its job in relative silence. Still, even the most undemanding part of your home benefits from proper venting.

Any roofing contractor will tell you that installing the proper attic roof vents for your house has many benefits. Some of the most significant plusses include (1) increased air circulation, (2) a dryer attic, (3) decrease in mold, (4) reduced attic temperature in hot climates and warmer attic temperatures in cold climates.

Many Florida homeowners find that an effective roof venting system results in decreased energy costs. Indeed, Energy Star notes that vents contribute to an energy-efficient home. You can achieve the best results if your home also includes attic insulation.

Along with a more environmentally friendly dwelling, roof vents also help your roof to function at a high level for years into the future. One of the biggest foes to roof longevity, for example, happens when moisture gets underneath the roofing materials. Well placed vents help to keep the area underneath the surface of your roof dry and sturdy.

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Dangers of poorly installed roof vents

If you want the benefits that come with venting your attic, you should consult with a professional roofing contractor. For some reason, there is a concerning amount of misinformation regarding roof vent installation within the DIY community. We promise you that an incorrectly placed vent will cost you money in roof repairs and replacement.

Examples of the problems that you’ll face with incorrectly installed attic roof vents in Florida include (1) insufficient airflow, (2) moisture accumulation, and (3) dry rot and mold. These negatives often lead to an earlier than expected roof failure.

The lack of optimal airflow also lets attic temperatures soar into the triple digits. There’s no questioning that your air conditioner will need to work extra hard to cool your house if the top of the house is too hot. The results are higher energy bills and a need to replace your air conditioning system more frequently.

How do you know if you have faulty roof vents? Fortunately, you won’t need to spend much time in the attic to spot the damage. Look for things like (1) mold, (2) rust-covered fasteners, and (3) damp insulation. The presence of any of these warning signs warrants a call to a local Naples roofing contractor such as Tornado Roofing & Contracting Inc.

Now that you know why it’s imperative to have a professional do your Naples residential roofing installation let’s look at what makes a top contractor.

How to find a top-notch roofing contractor

The surest way to benefit from roof vents is to hire a qualified roofing contractor. While it’s certainly true that there is no single right company, there sure are a ton of roofers that you should avoid. Read on for tips on choosing a contractor whose work will enhance the overall value of your home.

The internet makes it relatively simple to find terrific people to work on your roof. Activate your social network and ask for recommendations. Angie’s List suggests that you should always strive to hire a local contractor. A homegrown business is much more likely to respond to your needs over time.

The Better Business Bureau wrote an excellent article on locating highly-qualified roofers in Florida. Do your homework on any company that you are thinking about using.

Use the following tips.

  • Check for a Better Business Bureau Accredited Business Seal. Why would you do business with a company that doesn’t want to adhere to strict performance and ethical standards?
  • Use the Better Business Bureau website to look at reviews for a specific company.
  • Always get at least three written quotes. Here is what you should expect in a written quote. Make sure that the quotes include coverage for the same items so you can make an accurate cost comparison.
  • Does the contractor hold a current license in Florida? You can verify it here.
  • Ask for proof of insurance, including workers’ compensation for all employees.
  • Ask for a list of current references. Don’t delay calling each reference and don’t be shy about asking in-depth questions.
  • Ask if the contractor employs any sub-contractors. Unscrupulous businesses sometimes use unqualified sub-contractors to save money. Think twice about allowing sub-contractors near your roof unless you have proof that they are qualified, licensed, and insured.

A high caliber roofing contractor will do a thorough inspection of everything involving your roof before writing up a bid for the project. Expect the roof inspector to enter into your attic along with walking the entirety of the roof itself. Understanding how your attic fits with the roofing structure is so essential that you should run fast from any so-called professional who fails to examine the inside of the attic.

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Roof vent maintenance

The good news is that roof vents don’t require much maintenance. That said, they do require some maintenance to function effectively. You can opt to perform the upkeep yourself or book a roof maintenance appointment with a local Naples residential roofing installation company

Keep in mind that maintenance appointments are an affordable way to remedy small problems before they have a chance to become expensive emergencies.

Typical maintenance steps include (1) clearing debris out of vents, (2) make any repairs necessary to screens and flashings, and (3) removing insulating material from vent openings. Don’t forget to check inside the attic for any repair and upkeep needs.

Read here for tips on developing a roof maintenance plan.

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Hurricanes and roof vents

Homeowners in the coastal areas of Florida spend countless restless nights worrying whether or not their house can stand up to the rain and winds of a major hurricane. Unfortunately, the roof vents that benefit your home in so many ways also have the potential of allowing torrential rains access into your home. It doesn’t take much brainstorming to understand the amount of damage that a foot or more of rain can do to the interior of your home.

Avoid the potential for a catastrophic amount of water entering into your house by scheduling a roof assessment with a local roofing contractor. The roof inspectors at Tornado Roofing & Contracting Inc., for instance, know how to protect homes from the dangers of water intrusion. 

Modern roofing technology in general, like that used by the professionals at Tornado Roofing & Contracting Inc., Naples, understands the physics behind hurricane forces. We know much more about how to keep your house dry throughout the hurricane season.

Read here for more information about retrofitting your roof to survive the winds and rains of a major hurricane.

Lastly, well-designed roof vents are an integral component of a comfortable home. Installing and maintaining a roof venting system is a sure way to enhance the livability and energy efficiency of your house. Contact us at Tornado Roofing & Contracting Inc. for top quality service in your Naples, FL neighborhood.