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    Roofing Contractors in Fort Lauderdale

     When you need roof repairs or a brand new residential roof installed in Fort Lauderdale, you want to work with the best roofing company in Fort Lauderdale. You want to be taken care of so you can enjoy coastal living and breathtaking nightly sunsets, know your business will continue running smoothly, and trust that your roofing system can weather any storm once the rainy season kicks in.

    There is no shortage of choices when it comes to finding a local residential roofing contractor in Fort Lauderdale, so how can you know for sure that you’ve hired the best one? The answer is simple: You can always feel confident in your decision when you choose Tornado Roofing & Contracting, your go-to expert in Fort Lauderdale area roofing professionals.

    Tornado Roofing provides the best in complete roof repair services, staffing only top contractors and offering exceptional roofing services at affordable pricing. We’ve been fixing, installing, and replacing roofing systems in various styles and materials for more than 20 years, which means we’re more than ready to serve as your Fort Lauderdale roofing services provider.

    No matter the age, condition, or which roofing tiles you prefer, Tornado’s residential and commercial roofing experts in Fort Lauderdale can help ensure your home or business’ roof is in tip-top shape. See for yourself why our professional team continues to be the most reliable roofing services source throughout the community. Call Tornado Roofing & Contracting to set up your appointment today.

    Fort Lauderdale Roofing Services

     Many residents are concerned about knowing when their professional roofing services team will arrive to complete their Fort Lauderdale home roof maintenance, repairs or installation. Working with a service provider that doesn’t always service your neighborhood can make your decision that much more challenging — and make you question whether the team can provide what you need.

    Thankfully, you can count on Tornado Roofing & Contracting to provide total roofing options throughout the Fort Lauderdale community. Ours is a trusted name in South Florida roof repair services, and we always strive to offer the best possible solutions to address your home or business’ roofing needs. Whether you need fascia board repair in Fort Lauderdale or just a regular roof inspection, call on us to get the job done. 

    From timely arrivals to higher quality project completions, you can count on our team for any Fort Lauderdale area roofing services job. We remain the reliable source for professional roofing services throughout the city, including the following local communities:

    • Chula Vista Isles

    • Coral Ridge

    • Flamingo Park

    • Golden Heights

    • Himmarshee Village

    • Melrose Park

    • Poinsettia Heights

    • Rio Vista

    • Riverland Village

    • Rock Island

    • Seven Isles

    • Twin Lakes North

    Protect your home or business’ roof from cracks and damage that let moisture, mold, and mildew indoors: Work with the Tornado Roofing & Contracting team to protect your building, investments, and health. Contact us today to learn more about our complete roofing repair options and affordable pricing.

    Roofing Contractors Serving Fort Lauderdale, Florida

     The typical home or business owner is unaware of just how many roofing system options are available today. This is unfortunately because many contractor service providers limit clients’ choices to a handful of conventional materials, styles, and colors.

    When you choose to work with the professional roofers at Tornado Roofing & Contracting, you get the opportunity to choose from a greater selection of materials. Whether you intend to make the change from standard asphalt or have advanced service needs, our team of expert Fort Lauderdale roofing services contractors is here to help you get the best value possible.

    You can count on our contractors for best results on every call, and at lower rates than you’ll see with any of our competitors. Our expert team offers services for:

    • Asphalt shingle systems

    • Commercial contractor services

    • Emergency roofing

    • Flat roofing

    • Maintenance services

    • Metal roof systems

    • Roofing repairs

    • Slope roofs

    • Tile roofing services

    • And other professional roofer solutions

    No matter which materials you currently use or areas of concern, you can depend on our team today. Give Tornado Roofing & Contracting a call to save on better, higher quality Fort Lauderdale area roofing services.

    Naples Roofing Contractors | FL Local Roof Repair Company

    Asphalt Shingles

    The trusted residential choice for decades, asphalt shingles are often chosen because they are affordable and simple to install. Asphalt systems must be installed properly if you want them to last however. Working with a quality, professional roofing services team will ensure yours works at its best, and helps you avoid issues with leaks or loose tiles.

    Naples Roofing Contractors | FL Local Roof Repair Company

    Clay Tiles

    If you’re looking to and a touch of colonial style to your home or business, you might want to consider a clay tile roof. Clay tiles are durable, help with regulating your home or business’ indoor temperature, and offer a more traditional roofing style for a classic touch. Call an experienced roofing professional to aid with installation, maintenance, and repair.

    ceramic roof tiles

    Ceramic Tiles

    Ceramic tiles are manufactured to look like different materials, such as wood shake, and provide home and business owners with easy ways to upgrade their respective buildings’ exteriors. Though perhaps not the most durable, ceramic tile roofing gives homes and buildings a unique touch that differentiates them from their surroundings. They require expert installation from a professional roofing services team, however.

    Naples Roofing Contractors | FL Local Roof Repair Company

    Cement Tiles

    When you want durable, affordable roofing options in numerous colors, patterns, and textures, cement tiles just might be the right option for your home or office building. That durability includes wind and moisture resistance, making cement systems a great and protective barrier during tropical storms and hurricanes

    Metal Roofs

    Metal Roofing

    If you’ve decided to go the eco-friendly route, a metal roof option just might be right for your home or business. Metal roofs are comprised of lightweight, durable panels created from recycled metal blends, all of which means your roof will likely withstand severe heat and weather better than other roofing systems.

    Naples Roofing Contractors | FL Local Roof Repair Company

    Flat Roofing

    While it may be impressive in an exterior, flat roofing can easily develop leaks or accumulate other issues if they are not properly maintained. The lack of slope means water can gather and sit in certain areas, and your building will end up with bigger problems if the protective membranes break down. Regular maintenance by a professional team of roofing services

    Sloped Roofs

    Having a sloped roof installed can add a fun element to your home or building’s architecture, but it can also create problems if not installed correctly. Trust the professional team at Tornado Roofing & Contracting to provide the time, planning, and overall expertise you need for superior sloped roofing projects, regardless of material or complexity.experts will help make the most of your flat roof investments — and keep your building safe from water damage.

    Naples Roofing Contractors | FL Local Roof Repair Company

    Scheduled Maintenance

    The best roofing protection happens before you need it. Regular maintenance helps isolate problems before they arise, giving your Fort Lauderdale professional roofing services team the opportunity to find the cracks in yours before they become massive issues. This keeps your roof functioning at its best for as long as possible, and protects your investments — inside and out.

    Naples Roofing Contractors | FL Local Roof Repair Company

    Gutters & Downspouts

    Downspouts and gutters are crucial to home and business safety, keeping water from pooling on your roof or in the surrounding yard and thereby preventing moisture damage and even foundation issues. Your gutters need regular cleaning out, and might even need to be repaired once in awhile to ensure they’re functioning properly. When you have gutter or downspout issues, call Tornado Roofing & Contracting to help you get things flowing like normal.

    Naples Roofing Contractors | FL Local Roof Repair Company

    Building Services

    Quick repairs are a must in humid and damp climates, and our team of skilled contractors is so good at what it does that it can take on more projects than any of our competitors. When you have roof-related building services needs, the team at Tornado Roofing & Contracting will be there to provide everything from new construction to specialty building jobs — and all at affordable prices that will save you time while giving you the quality you deserve.

    Naples Roofing Contractors | FL Local Roof Repair Company

    Residential Roofing

    In Florida, we know that homes and businesses are often at risk of being impacted by numerous tropical storms and hurricanes throughout the year. It’s hard to imagine investing in a roofing system only to have it potentially damaged in “the next big one.” Our team has more than 20 years of experience in Fort Lauderdale roofing installation, maintenance, and repair, meaning we know how to work with yours to keep it — and you — protected.

    Naples Roofing Contractors | FL Local Roof Repair Company

    Commercial Roofs

    Commercial roofing systems take a beating, but working with an expert team of professional roofing services providers can help. The team at Tornado Roofing & Contracting offers several such systems that incorporate many styles, including tiles and shingles, and provides business services, maintenance, and repairs for gaps, leaks, and to address structural issues — all at affordable prices and quality levels that exceed expectations.

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    Top Fort Lauderdale Roofing Services You Can Trust

    Your home or business’ roofing system is among the hardest working elements of the entire building, but it is also usually the most neglected. You’ll need a team of experienced, local roofing services professionals to care for that roof now and in the future, helping you isolate problems early, repair them with exceptional care, and keep your roofing system functioning at its best for many years to come.

    With more than 20 years’ experience providing top-notch roofing repair, installation, and replacement services, the team at Tornado Roofing and Contracting is proud to be helping a growing number of people throughout Ft. Lauderdale keep up with their roofing needs. More home and business owners know we always provide better results for a greater number of systems and materials, and all at lower prices for higher quality.

    Why select anyone else when you know your local roofing services team always gets better results on every job? Contact Tornado Roofing & Contracting today to set up your appointment with Fort Lauderdale’s best roofing repair contractors.