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    Sloped Roofs

    Sloped roofs are common on many buildings, but not every building has a roof made from the same material. If you are looking for a reliable waterproofing system, it is not a bad idea to go with asphalt shingles. Ofcourse, there are many choices but asphalt shingle roofs are widely used and waterproofing. Separately, modern metal roofs can increase energy efficiency. Tile roofs are traditional and look great, and clay tiles will often increase the value of your property.

    Each style of roof has its own benefits, and we’re happy to install and maintain all kinds of the sloped roof.
    Sloped roofing is found in a variety of different buildings including homes and offices in many locations around Florida. The roofs can be made from a number of materials including clay, asphalt, and metal, with each material having its own advantages.
    For many years, Tornado Roofing has installed and replaced all kinds of roofing, including sloped roofs in Florida, and we’re ready to work on your roof next.

    What is Sloped Roofs

    What is Sloped Roofing?

    It is very rare to find any roof that is completely flat, so even so-called flat roofs will have a small slope to help with drainage. A sloped roof is a roof that has a clear and steep slant. Buildings across Florida are designed with slopes that are both small and large, and they are made from many different materials.
    The sloped roof gives a building a traditional look and can often provide a very long-lasting layer of protection from extreme weather conditions.

    We do the best sloped roofing in South Florida and our Southwest Florida location is also top rated!

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    Asphalt Shingles

    One of the most common types of sloped roofing, asphalt shingles are cost-effective and generally simple to install. If you look at the consistency of asphalt, it is waterproof by nature so many people use it because it holds up well in storms and hurricanes.

    Individual tiles may slip or become damaged over time, but just need to be reseated or replaced. Asphalt shingles in Florida can last for up to 30 years and with the proper maintenance and protection, they will stand up to the heat of the sun and remain intact even in strong winds.

    Metal Roofs

    Modern metal roofs are designed to minimize noise and are lightweight while looking far better than their older counterparts. Built from interlocking panels, metal roofs are highly wind resistant and won’t easily allow water to penetrate the structure of your building.

    Metal roofs can also be installed over an existing roofing system providing a convenient way to protect what is underneath. Modern construction techniques mean that metal roofs in Florida are rust resistant, and a range of coatings are available to further protect your roof from other elements that may cause problems.

    Tile Roofs

    Not all tile roofs are the same, for as with other roofing types there is a range of materials the tiles can be made from. Clay tiles, ceramic tiles, and concrete tiles all have properties that make them ideal for roofing in Florida.

    Clay Tiles

    Clay tiles give a classy look that can easily increase the value of your building while simultaneously providing protection from the extremes of weather. With a waterproof glaze, clay tiles can last for 50 years or more.

    Ceramic tiles do not suffer adverse effects under strong sunlight and require minimal maintenance. Importantly for coastal properties, ceramic tiles are not affected by salt air corrosion, a common problem near the ocean. The tiles also reduce ambient noise levels indoors, and they look great too.

    Concrete Tiles

    Concrete tiles are economical to install and can be made to look like more expensive tile types, for example they can mimic the look of clay tiles. The surface can be painted to whatever color is most suitable, while the protection they provide for your building is outstanding. Concrete tiles lock together on ridges which protect against water breaching the shell of the building, a great benefit in an area that may experience hurricanes.

    Sloped Roofing Maintenance and Repair

    Sloped roofing lasts longest with appropriate maintenance and repair. Like other kinds of roofing, tiles can become damaged over time, and your roof may eventually develop leaks. Even metal roofs can develop leaks under the right circumstances. Tornado Roofing offers an emergency leak repair service to complete repairs if a leak suddenly appears.

    We’ll repair your sloped roof and make it waterproof and leak-free again, protecting the building below. as intended. A sloped roof is often more difficult for the building owner to maintain due to the height and angles involved, so having a friendly and professional team on call to look after your roof will pay dividends.

    Any problem that does occur needs to be solved as quickly as possible, but with a preventative maintenance schedule the number of problems should be minimized.

    Florida Sloped Roof Replacement

    You may reach a stage where your existing sloped roof may be beyond economical repair, or you may be completing renovations and want to replace the roof with a new one. Tornado Roofing provides a full sloped roof replacement service in Florida.

    Our roofing experts are well trained and highly skilled, making them capable of replacing your roof with the minimum of disruption to your daily routines. We’ll be able to recommend the best materials for replacing your roof, and our prices are always competitive no matter which option you go for.

    Sloped Roofing in Florida

    We work with a wide variety of different roofing materials at Tornado Roofing, and we have experience in repairing and replacing roofs on all kinds of buildings. If you need sloped roofing in Florida, we will be able to install, repair, replace, and maintain every kind of sloped roof.

    Your sloped roofing system should protect your building from the heat and hurricanes in Florida, keeping your building and its contents safe in the event of a storm. Our sloped roofs installations will be water resistant and strong against high winds.

    With the proper maintenance, your sloped roof can last for many years, making it a great investment to protect your building into the future.

    Sloped Roofing Services

    The team at Tornado Roofing is well trained and works to strict safety standards to ensure that you, your building, and our team are as safe as possible. We put the needs of our clients in the first place and always provide the best solution based on those needs.

    Our services are available to those who need commercial roofs and residential roofs in Florida, and we’re always proud of the results we achieve.

    No matter how small or large your roof may be, get in touch with us today to find out how we can help you protect your property and ensure that your roof is fit for purpose.

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