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    Clay Tile

    Clay tiles are a hard-wearing solution that looks great on older houses and new ones alike. We provide clay tile roofing services in Florida whether you already have clay tiles or are looking to make the change and add a touch of class to your building.

    What is Clay Tile Roofing?

    Quite simply, it is a roof that is constructed from clay tiles. The tiles are often shaped into attractive or practical shapes (to improve water runoff) and come in a range of colors, most commonly a variation of red.

    Some tiles are covered with a waterproof glaze to enhance their capabilities. Clay roofing in Florida can last a very long time if properly maintained – installations can last upwards of 50 years.

    Clay tile roofing can protect against a range of extreme weather conditions and is ideal for use in Florida. Clay tiles look great, work well, and are a great investment for any property owner.

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    Why choose clay tiles?

    In recent times, asphalt roofing and concrete tiles have become the popular choices, but there’s nothing quite like the look of a roof constructed of clay tiles. When older homes were constructed before the change in styles and technology, clay tiles were quite common, but many more-recently constructed buildings have forsaken them.

    The reasons for this are varied, but its often down to simply speed of installation and initial cost, as these are priorities when new construction is taking place.

    Extremely durable, clay tiles also provide good water runoff no matter what shape they are, which makes them ideal for protecting your building against bad weather. They also survive well in warm weather, making them a good choice in Florida – the day to day weather is taken care of, while the threat of a hurricane is also accounted for.

    While clay tiles can be extremely attractive, it’s not a matter of form over function – clay tiles are just as functional as any other kind of roofing material, and in some cases are more effective than other materials.

    Clay Tile Maintenance and Repair

    Like any kind of roofing material, clay tiles will be affected by the passage of time. Tiles may slip out of place, become cracked or chipped, or suffer from other kinds of damage. In these cases, we can repair your tile roof and make it waterproof, protecting your building just as it was designed to.

    A clay tile roof has become a highly desirable feature and can increase the value of your property tremendously. It can often make great economic sense to repair your clay tile roof and maintain the value rather than replace it with a modern equivalent.

    We also provide an emergency leak repair service, so should your clay tile roof have developed a leak we are the team that can repair your roof quickly.

    Clay Tile Roof Replacement

    You may have a roof made of another material and wish to upgrade what you already have. Clay tiles can be seen as a status symbol these days, and so it is not uncommon to want to make the change.

    Our skilled installers will be able to change your roof with the minimum of fuss but get in touch with us in the first instance to see if your building is suitable for clay tiles.

    Depending on the construction of your building, there may be a significant difference between the weight of your current roof and the weight of a replacement clay tile roof. It is wise to confirm that your building can support such a change of weight before beginning any kind of work towards it.

    Why do Clay Tiles Increase Property Value?

    As clay tiles are no longer the most common choice for roofing, they can spark a feeling of nostalgia (even if they are used for new roofing projects) and exude quality. Many people make a judgment about the value of a home before they step inside, and a clay tile roof will only increase the estimation made in that judgment.

    Additionally, due to their longevity, a building with a clay tile roof is unlikely to need a roof replacement quickly, assuming it has been well-maintained. This is a great bonus for anyone looking to purchase a building whether it is commercial or residential, as the less that needs to be spent on it increases the perceived value of the building.

    It can even be suggested that replacing an existing roof with a new clay tile roof will increase the value of the property by more than the cost of the new installation. In effect, you are protecting the buyer’s investment for at least another 50 years, and that may be worthy of a premium price.

    Clay Tiles in Florida

    At Tornado Roofing we’re used to working with a wide variety of different roofing materials. We have experience in repairing and replacing part or full roofs and would like to work with you on your next clay tile roofing project in Florida.

    A properly installed clay tile roof protects from the heat of the sun and minimizes the damage from hurricanes. Clay tiles can be difficult to dislodge and so stand up well to high winds, and their great drainage properties prevent damage being caused by water from regular rainfall as well as storms.

    They won’t warp due to heat, and to top it all off they look great too.

    Even in the worst of conditions, clay tiles won’t rot away and will provide continued protection for your building and everyone inside for many years to come.

    Clay Tile Roofing Services

    Our fully qualified and highly-skilled team is ready to take on your clay tile roofing repair, maintenance, or replacement project. We’ll make old roofs as good as new and install a new roof when you need one to keep your property protected and looking fantastic.

    We provide roofing services for both commercial and residential customers, and we look forward to hearing from you. Get in touch today and find out more about our clay tile roofing services.

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