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    New Construction Roofing

    New construction roofing is possibly the most important part of a building project. A professionally installed roof that is started and finished correctly sets any construction project up for success in the long term, and Tornado Roofing in Florida is just the team to work on your roof.

    If any part of the roofing process were to be completed incorrectly, the chances are increased for major problems later on. While older buildings may develop problems and leaks later on, water getting inside the structure of a new building can have devastating effects that can be expensive to repair – if repair is even an option.

    Even if the roof itself is sound, the drainage design may not be up to the mark, leaving the possibility that water will remain in areas that are best cleared quickly. The added weight and moisture can damage a new building in a number of ways.

    New Construction Roofing in Florida

    Florida presents challenges to roofing and construction contractors that other locations may not. There is the ever-present threat of hurricanes to contend with, so structures (including roofs) need to be solid and sound, watertight, and able to withstand high winds.

    Hurricanes only present a small part of the issues of the environment in Florida. Often hot and with strong sunshine, buildings must be able to regulate their temperature with ease (something a good quality roof can assist with) and must not be susceptible to damage from UV rays.

    Salt air corrosion can also negatively affect buildings in the area, and materials or protective coatings must be chosen to keep new construction work safe from this. Coastal areas are particularly at risk for this kind of problem, but strong winds can still cause these issues to occur further inland.

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    Getting it Right from the Start

    Our team know the benefits of having a great roof on your building, whether it is commercial or residential, and we can provide services for every stage of the roofing process.

    From initial framing installations onwards, we’ll make sure that your roof is fit for purpose, and that it is installed correctly the very first time. We provide cost effective solutions and our team are not only friendly and professional, but also highly skilled and adaptable. We have the experience to avoid problems before they occur and can get your roof on your building the right way from the start.

    Protection from the Elements

    When your roof is installed correctly and is top quality, your building will stand the test of time. However, when water breaches the outer shell, you’re likely to encounter many problems. Wood can swell and rot, drywall can be destroyed, interior décor can be damaged. At its worst, walls, ceilings, and even the roof itself may collapse.

    Keeping water and moisture on the outside of the building is a priority, as is making sure the roof is capable of withstanding high winds. If a roof is moved or damaged by wind, the potential for water to get inside is much greater. If that wind is part of a hurricane (which brings wet weather with it naturally) the problem is going to be that much worse.

    That’s why for professional new construction roofing in Florida, you need a team you can trust to get the job done properly.

    New Construction Roofing Maintenance and Repair

    A new roof should not need repair any time soon, but preventative maintenance is always a worthwhile consideration. Reapplying protective coatings will help keep roofs in good condition and extend their lifespan and keeping drainage systems clear and clean is a must.

    Physical damage can be caused to a roof in many ways, be it by weather conditions, accidents, or even malicious damage. If the integrity of your roof is in question, it needs to be repaired as soon as possible.

    We provide an emergency leak repair service if disaster strikes, as keeping the interior of your building protected should be your top priority, and protection starts at your roof.

    If you want to know more about how to protect your roof and building from exposure to the elements, please get in touch with us today and we’ll do what we can to help.

    Installing New Construction Roofing

    If you are ready to start work on a new construction project or have already begun, Tornado Roofing can help you successfully complete your project while ensuring the safety of your building from damage by the environment.

    Our team regularly work with a wide variety of roofing materials across Florida and have experience of working on a range of building types both large and small. We know exactly how to avoid the pitfalls associated with new construction roofing and we’re ready to use our knowledge to ensure your success.

    A professionally installed roof on a new building will provide many years of protection from sun, wind, and rain, and choosing a competent and qualified roof installation company in Florida will give you peace of mind. Remember, some roofing installations can last up to 100 years, so it is worthwhile to make sure the job is done properly from the very start.

    Our friendly, professional, and highly-skilled team are ready to work with you on your new construction roofing project, and we always aim for 100% customer satisfaction. It’s always our pleasure to greet a new customer that has found us through a recommendation, so we work hard to ensure that you will recommend us to your friends and colleagues.

    We’re proud of our work, and we are certain that you will be just as proud of your new construction roofing installation in Florida as we are.

    We always offer competitive prices and our customer service is the best in the business.

    If you are ready to get going with your new construction project and need an experienced roofing team to make sure you get the best from your new building, get in touch with us right now to find out how we can assist you in getting your roof constructed from start to finish!

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