Kitchen Remodel Services in South Florida

A kitchen remodel is among the most popular upgrades homeowners will complete. Many items can be handled without a service contractor. However, once you start replacing electrical, flooring, and plumbing items, you need a professional. Not only are these mistakes costly but can be very dangerous as well.

Tornado Roofing offers affordable rates and experienced contractors to complete any job. Contact us to redesign or enhance your kitchen, or to change your layout to:

  • Single-Wall/Pullman

  • Galley Kitchens

  • L-Shape Layouts

  • Horseshoe Plans

  • Peninsula Kitchens

  • Kitchen Islands

  • Custom Kitchens

  • Outdoor Kitchens

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    Whatever your renovation budget, we have practical upgrades for any size of space. Make the most of your cooking areas today by hiring our expert builders.

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    Kitchen Remodel Services in South FL

    The beauty of kitchen renovations is how many options you have. A few upgrades and changes can drastically transform the entire space.

    When you hire us for your job, it means even more choices. Each one is completed at affordable pricing with professional tools and equipment by experienced contractors.

    From bringing your home up to code to making it energy efficient, choose us. We guarantee the  best kitchen renovations at affordable building costs. Whether you need a few upgrades or a complete renovation, we offer it all. 

    Contact us to learn about your kitchen remodel options, such as:

    • Countertop Installation

    • Custom Cabinets

    • Drywall and Paint

    • Kitchen Flooring

    • Lighting Fixtures

    • Kitchen Appliances

    • Sinks and Plumbing

    • Garbage Disposals

    • Electrical Upgrades

    • 220-Volt Outlets

    How Can We Help You?


    Custom Cabinets

    No matter how large your kitchen might be, there never seems to be enough storage space. Also, many cabinets are too stout to hold more than a few items.

    When you upgrade your kitchen, larger cabinets are a wise choice. Find ample room for your pots, pans, plastic containers, and anything else.

    Countertop Installation

    Most countertops are made with builder-grade materials, leaving them easily damaged. When appliances sit on them, they can warp from heat and moisture.

    Cheap countertops seem stubborn to clean, and they pool water, too. One of the most popular improvements available is quality installations for:

    • Marble

    • Stainless Steel

    • Laminate

    • Granite

    • Quartz

    • Butcher Block

    • Marble

    • Stainless Steel

    • Laminate

    Kitchen remodel with kitchen light fixtures

    Lighting Fixtures

    Whether you start dinner early or after sunset, you find yourself squinting at your recipe card. Wherever you happen to stand, it looks like you cast a shadow as well.

    New lighting fixtures can make your kitchen lighter, brighter, and easier to read recipes.

    Contact us to upgrade your old domed lights and fluorescent bulbs with:

    • Under-Cabinet LEDs
    • Track Lighting
    • Can Lighting
    • Kitchen Skylights
    • Flush Mount
    • Pendant Lights
    • Puck Lights
    • Cabinet Uplighting
    • Kitchen Chandeliers

    Kitchen Appliances

    kitchen remodel and kitchen appliances

    What is the point of enhancing your cooking space if you can’t make your favorites? When you’re missing essential kitchen appliances, call us to install:

    • Stove Ranges
    • Ovens
    • Dishwashers
    • Refrigerators and Freezers
    • Exhaust Hoods
    • Microwave Ovens

    Kitchen Flooring

    Kitchen remodel and flooring remodel

    Even with shoes and mats, your knees and back can ache after each meal. No matter what you try, you can’t stand comfortably at your stove. When you spend a lot of time cooking, you stand for hours. One way to ward off fatigue is with luxury flooring options, such as:

    • Ceramic Tile
    • Wood
    • Linoleum
    • Sheet Vinyl

    Drywall and Paint

    A fresh coat of paint can erase years of aging from a kitchen’s walls. However, when there’s existing damage, the drywall must be repaired first.

    It’s common for kitchens to have dings, scratches, and scrapes throughout the area. Plus, years of spaghetti sauce splatters need our team to remove them.

    Kitchen remodel using drywall and paint

    Sinks and Plumbing.

    Kitchen sinks are prone to leaks as they’re used most often. With other fixtures connecting, it’s also known for clogs.

    By expanding your P-traps and plumbing lines, you can prevent future maintenance items. When you can handle everything but the kitchen sink, call our local experts.

    220-Volt Outlets

    Installing a 220-volt or even 240-volt outlet is not something every handyman can do. Usually, it requires a dedicated electrical engineer to complete safely.

    Unfortunately, hiring a service trade can quickly become costly. Instead, our team always saves you more on your remodels.

    Garbage Disposals

    Some kitchens still don’t have garbage disposals installed. Others do, but they aren’t powerful enough to handle your dinner scraps.

    Enjoy higher horsepower with better disposals underneath your sink. When what the hardware store has isn’t enough, our contractors have you covered.

    Electrical Upgrades

    Electrical upgrades are one of the most dangerous aspects of a kitchen remodel. When you aren’t trained in repairs, it’s even more treacherous.

    Even with the breaker off, you can still be injured. Hiring us is both a safe and affordable option every time.

    Why Hire Us for Kitchen Remodeling?

    You don’t have to struggle with your renovation alone when you have us. Call Tornado Roofing now to request a free service quote on completing your kitchen remodel.

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