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Insurance Claims & Replacement Roofing

One of the primary reasons to call in a roofing repair service is that your building now has water leaks. However, before any work can start, you’ll need to file the right insurance claims to know your total costs.

From regular thunderstorm damage to hurricane roof repair needs, any amount of harm is too significant to ignore. Before moisture leaks and missing tiles continue putting your home and family and property at risk, Tornado Roofing guides you through the process quickly.

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Determine the Issue

Even the most durable roofing systems available to you will eventually develop problems that need to attention right away. However, without an experienced contractor team performing your safety inspection, they could miss more visible warning signs during their visit.

You want a reliable source of local contractors examining your roof, as we always find more issues than anyone else. Whether you aren’t sure if you have hurricane roof damage or you haven’t had inspections in a while, call us.

While most homeowners know that leaks and water intrusion remain the most severe problems, they might not know the primary cause. Anything from missing asphalt shingles to the cracked fascia board or ruined flashing can cause moisture to seep inside your building.

We recommend having our team walk your roof at least twice each year, or immediately after a severe weather event. That way, commercial roofing can find and eliminate any areas of concern or hazard without missing problems that will turn into expensive repairs.

Contact Your Insurance and Bank

Once our expert roofers find where the leak is, it will be time to contact your insurance and home loan lender. The insurance company will need a report of our findings, and whoever holds the mortgage requires the same details.

 Here is where the process can get tricky, however, as most companies will only cover the costs incurred from natural events. Homeowners that have neglected existing problems, on the other hand, risk having their claims denied, either partially or in full.

If, however, we do find evidence that the damage is from hail, wind, lightning, or other storm-related problem, you likely will have coverage. Your policyholder’s company will send out its own roofing adjuster, who will inform you of all your damage repair options.

 Unfortunately, depending on your policyholder, they may insist on performing the service themselves, or they could offer a check instead. You will need to determine which cost coverage method works the best for your situation. If they provide a check, you can then choose a residential roofing contractor for the job.

Roof Insurance Billing

Among the most stressful parts of covering your repair or replacement roofing costs is billing your insurance company after the work wraps up. It is also where national insurance brands may try and use loopholes to get out of covering your service fees.

One way that we try to avoid any miscommunication is with direct insurance billing that sends them the invoice directly. That way, there is no risk of it getting lost or being filled out incorrectly. This ensures your best results.

Other companies may require that you mail them after the repairs finish, but we will still help you complete applications. Part of our job is ensuring that homeowners receive the compensation they deserve from the policies they have paid into over the years.

Because we do our best to talk directly with your company, we know how to speak their language each time. Trying to contact your policyholders without our help means leaving yourself at risk for more confusion in the billing process.

Who Determines the Amount?

Ultimately, your compensation for the roofing job is at the mercy of the adjuster sent by the policyholder. They determine the scope of the damage. And while our contractors can and will speak with them directly, we can only do so much to change minds.

 When there becomes a disconnect between what your company is willing to cover and the full amount, you need experience. When an inexperienced roofing services provider is handling your case, they may not know how to argue your needs in the best way.

Because we work with more national companies and a variety of different roofing systems, we know what you need. Having us speak with your policyholder means receiving the expertise of the most experienced roof contractors who understand what your home needs for safety.

 While we can’t promise that they will adjust their amounts, it helps to have an expert roofer in South Florida on your side. Make sure that you can go toe to toe with your policyholders by hiring us for your repair needs today.

Times Have Changed

Another reason why replacing or repairing your home’s roofing system feels complicated is that insurance policies have changed. Only a few years ago, you could ask a contractor to absorb your deductible, or merely pocket a check.

 Today’s policies have evolved due to a growing trend of shady roofing practices, most of which remain based on prior methods. If your insurance provider finds out that your contractor is inflating prices or isn’t telling the truth, you’re held liable.

 Not only will you encounter the risk of getting billed for the whole amount, but they may cancel your policy. Once one company drops you as a customer, you may find it more challenging for anyone else to take you.

 All too often, local roofing services rely on outdated service methods that put you at risk for financial liability. Beware any company that advertises a guaranteed free roof, as they likely aren’t following the law or they are performing shoddy work.

How Long Will It Take?

Once our inspector and the insurance company’s adjuster take a look and submit paperwork, you should see a check soon. Most customers can expect to receive their repair compensation within a couple of weeks of speaking with the claims adjuster.

If for whatever reason, your insurance company refutes the service request, we will gladly speak with them a second time. Some companies believe that if a repair doesn’t exceed a certain amount, it isn’t necessary to fix it.

When you need your roof fixed after storms, you need Tornado Roofing.