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Tornado Roofing & Contracting is a full service residential and commercial roofing company serving most cities in southeast and southwest Florida. We have over 20 years experience serving residential property owners, government buildings officials and large commercial companies. 

Discover more about roofing maintenance, materials, inspections and design from our roofing resources found in our blog!

How to prepare for a roof replacement

How Should I Prepare for a Roof Replacement? 14 Expert Tips

A roof replacement project is a big deal that requires input from both the owner and the roofing company. As ...
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Repair or replace your roof

10 Signs That You Need to Repair or Replace Your Roof

We all know how important it is to have a roof over our heads. It gives us a sense of ...
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How to Find a Reputable Roofing Contractor

When you need trade services, you ask your friends and family for recommendations. Unfortunately, that doesn’t always lead to a ...
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Roof Vents

How to Repair Roof Vents

Your attic space holds a lot of heat. In the hotter months, the space between your roof and your ceiling ...
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soffits and fascia

What are Soffits and Fascia Boards? Why are They Important?

Around the world, roofs come in all shapes and sizes. Roofs are not just wood and asphalt shingles. Rather, they ...
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asphalt best roof shingles naples florida

What Are the Best Roof Shingles For Florida Homes?

If you own a house in Florida, you’ve probably wondered what the best roof shingles for your home would be.  ...
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roofing worker

Roofing Ventilation 101

How do you calculate and plan roofing ventilation 101 and why is this necessary? Well, there are actually quite a ...
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repairing your fascia boards

Repairing Your Fascia Boards

Repairing Your Fascia Boards A fascia board is a long, straight board that runs horizontally under the lower edge of ...
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Add Curb Appeal With Dimensional Shingles

Are you longing for a home that doesn’t look like every other house in the neighborhood? Updating your roof with ...
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clay tile roof cleaning what you should know

Clay Tile Roof Cleaning and What You Should Know

Does your clay tile roof look a little dreary and in need of a good roof cleaning? It's probably time ...
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