14 05, 2019

Roof Replacement Cost Guide for 2019

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If your home wasn’t built in the last decade or so, you’re likely looking at a roof replacement in your near future. It can seem daunting, both in the costs and in the magnitude of the project. The roof replacement cost can be affected by a number of factors.

Roofing is a project that’s best done by professionals. This adds to the initial roof replacement cost but will prevent future costs from damages caused by improper installation. An improperly installed roof can lead to damaged attic insulation, waterlogged walls, cracked foundations, and water damage throughout the home.


Roof Replacement Cost Breakdown

Roofing contractors will break down the costs into several categories. The main categories that can affect the cost of your roof replacement are the

  • Size, pitch, and height of your roof
  • Cost of removing the old roof
  • Materials your select for your new roof
  • Extent of underlying damage in the decking and rafters.

Calculating the Size, Pitch, and Height of Your Roof

Your contractor will calculate the size of your roof based on measurements taken at your consultation, and use these numbers to estimate the square footage of coverage they’ll need for materials. This can be affected by how many times the direction of your roof changes. Every time your roof comes to an intersection with another section of the roof, you’ll need additional materials to ensure watertight seals.

The pitch of your roof means finding out how steep your roof is, the steeper the roof pitch, the more dangerous the job. This is a significant reason to hire a professional. Each year, thousands of people end up in emergency rooms due to falls from their roof.

Looking at the danger side of the estimate, the height of your roof plays into this cost. The higher your roof is, the farther the fall. If you’re re-roofing a single story home, your estimate may be less than if you’re re-roofing a 3 story home.

roof replacement cost


To Replace or To Repair

For some roofing jobs, the majority of the material is still in good condition. In these cases, roof repair may be more economical for you and your family. In other situations, the best solution is to tear it back and replace it.

Some repairs may include replacing missing or damaged shingles or adding a roof coating. But with Florida’s tendency for storms, it’s important to ensure your roof can stand the elements at play.


Selecting Roofing Materials

The selection of materials for your roof replacement will be a huge factor in your overall price. Not only do the different materials change your cost, but the quality of those materials can shift your numbers.

  • Flat Roofs – This roof style is common. This process involves rolling out gravel like sheets of material and using a propane tank and heat wand to melt the tar-like adhesive, sealing it to your roof base.
  • Shingle Roofs – This is the most common form of roofing material, not only for Florida but most of the nation. Asphalt shingles are relatively inexpensive and easy to replace for minor repairs. Architectural shingles are also an option, though carry a higher price. This is also the lightest weight option.
  • Tile Roofs – Heavy and labor intensive, this roofing option is on the more expensive side. But if it’s in the budget, the results can be stunning. Tile roofs require special equipment to raise the tiles up to the rooftop and can be limited by accessibility. They can be installed in intricate and beautiful designs to create an absolute showstopping roof.
  • Metal Roofs – For weatherproofing your home, metal roofs lead the pack. They do require special equipment and training to install but may withstand the rough weather Florida is known for. Most metal roof options come pre-treated for corrosion resistance. Metal roofing is impervious to water damage when it’s installed correctly.


Hiring A Roofing Professional

When the cards are all out on the table, a roof replacement is a huge job. It comes with heavy expenses and even heavier materials. The successful installation of your roof will dictate costs for home maintenance for decades down the road.

The task can be dangerous, and carry with it lasting damages if done wrong. The only insurance company we want to see you need is your homeowner’s insurance helping to pay for the replacement (speak with your insurance agent to discuss this possibility). Peace of mind is worth the roof replacement cost.

Tornado Roofing & Contracting are experienced building contractors that will ensure the installation of a roof that will protect your home for quite some time to come. Give us a call to schedule a consultation.


1 05, 2019

Choosing the Right Metal Roof Color

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Traditionally, metal roofs came in boring industrial colors. Now, the only limitation on your metal roof color is your own imagination. Metal roofing materials can now be found in is nearly any solid color you can think of.

Tornado Roofing is eager to help you select the best metal roof color for your project, residential or commercial. With detail-oriented, highly skilled contractors waiting to help you, you’re sure to enjoy the results.


What is the best metal roof color for you?

Because metal roofs come in so many colors it’s hard to decide the best option for your project. Therefore, there are a few details that should be taken into consideration when deciding on a metal roof color. Colored metal roofing materials are treated with UV resistant paint to prevent fading, and maintain the color for decades.


Neighborhood Aesthetics –

You should try to coordinate with your neighborhood appearance to keep your property value within the market range. Take a look at the roof styles of your neighbors. And choose a color that will look good with your own home’s color for years to come. Metal roof options last decades, so the color will stick around for much longer than you might expect.

There are many types of metal roofing materials that can be used. Options range from traditional corrugated steel to formed shingles and stone treated tiles. All of these options give the benefits of metal roofing while keeping with more traditional appearances.


Climate and Weather –

Importantly, metal roofing can significantly affect your heating and cooling bill in certain climates. If you live somewhere with high temperatures, a light colored or reflective roofing option will save money on your cooling bill. Whereas, if you live somewhere cooler, a dark roofing option will save money on your heating bill.

Further, different types of metal roofing will withstand different weather patterns better than others. Florida sees a lot of heavy weather. Roofing that will stay strong through many seasons will be beneficial to you as a homeowner. For that reason, you should consult your Tornado Roofing contractor to discuss your specific needs.

metal roof color

Paint Finish Options

If the metal roof material you’re looking at is a painted base it’s important to look at the quality and type of paint used. For your roof to stand up to the elements without losing its color you should be certain that the paint used meets certain criteria.

Kynar 500 is a common UV resistant acrylic resin based paint that protects the metal material from peeling, flaking, fading, corroding, rusting or leaking. It is one of only a few EnergyStar rated paints for metal roofing, and the only paint that comes with a 30-year warranty.


Schedule a Consultation

In the end, your home will need a beautiful roof. Metal roofing options provide long term protection from weather, and generations of aesthetic perfection. The best way to decide what option works best for your home is to schedule a consultation with one of our skilled Tornado Roofing contractors. They can discuss your specific needs, and look at the options that will best suit those needs.


25 04, 2019

How to Find the Best Roofing Companies Near Me

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There’s one sure thing about living in Florida. You can expect a significant amount of rain and wind each year. All of the treacherous weather does a number on roofs across the state. As every homeowner knows, a damaged roof is ill-equipped to protect your home from the elements. Here are five things to do when you find yourself pulling out your smartphone to search for the “best roofing companies near me.”


#1: Go local whenever possible when searching for “roofing companies near me”

Experts suggest that you look for a top-notch local roofing company whenever possible. Installing a new roof on your home is a costly project, and it’s smart to stick to roofing businesses that operate close to your home. Not only does local business care about providing high-quality service that will have you singing its praises to your friends and neighbors, but they’re also more likely to provide timely repairs covered by a warranty.


#2: Check for proper licensing of the roofing contractor

Did you know that contractors who do any roofing work on a residence or business in Florida must have the appropriate license? The State of Florida oversees licensing. Any potential roofing contractor must meet rigorous education and experience standards along with passing a state-administered exam. Protect yourself by always asking to see proof that a roofing company has a license to work in Florida.

When in doubt, check the licensing status of a specific contractor at

The Better Business Bureau also recommends that you request proof that a roofing company also (1) pays worker’s compensation, (2) holds liability insurance, and (3) has written warranties from any roofing supply manufacturers used by the roofer.

Roof Replacement Company near me

#3: Tap into your social networks

Your social networks offer a vast amount of information regarding the roofing companies in your community. Your friends and family likely have experience with roofers in your area, and their opinions are valuable. Don’t forget to ask coworkers for recommendations.

It’s also a smart idea to read online customer reviews for any company that you’re thinking about hiring for your roofing job. Take the time to read online reviews on sites such as Yelp and Angie’s List to see if there are any repeated complaints as well as praise for a specific business.


#4: Obtain multiple bids

It’s never fun when you need to search for “roofing companies near me” on your smartphone. However, your home is too valuable to hire a shady roofer to work on your roof. Even if you’re happy with the first roofing contractor that you interview, we suggest that you obtain at least three bids from local companies.

Here are some of the essential questions to ask each roofing company.


#5: Call references for Roofing Companies

A top quality roofing contractor is happy to provide you with recommendations. Always request a list of references and make sure that you contact each person on the list. Don’t shy away from asking the references in-depth questions about their experience working with the roofing contractor. Remember that you’re gathering information so that you can make the best possible choice in a roofing company.

Lastly, when you search for the best “roofing companies near me” it’s vital that you take the time to do your homework. Insist on evidence that any company that you’re considering is a highly regarded business. And that has extensive experience repairing and replacing roofs in your community.

Contact us at Tornado Roofing & Contracting Inc. for top quality service and solutions to all of your roofing problems.



14 04, 2019

Metal Roof vs. Shingles: What’s The Best Roofing Material For Your House?

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Have you finally decided to replace your failing roof but trying to decide on a new roof from the variety of roofing material options on the market today has you waking up in a nervous sweat at three in the morning? If so, you can relax and go back to sleep because we’re about to walk you through the pros and cons of a metal roof vs. shingles decision so that you can decide if one of these popular options fits your house and budget.


Metal roof vs. shingles

You’ve invested money and heart into your home, and it’s vital that your new roof protects your house’s structure while also raising the curb appeal of your home. The key to making a wise roofing choice is taking into account how it improves your home in a budget-friendly manner.

Take a look at the rooftops in your neighborhood the next time that you’re out for a relaxing stroll. What kinds of roofs do families in your area prefer? Chances are, you’ll see plenty of metal and asphalt shingle roofs sheltering the homes in your community. Here’s what you need to know about both types of materials.


Metal Roofs

Once upon a time metal roofs were primarily limited to vacation homes. Today’s metal roofs cover all sorts of homes since there is an incredible amount of variety in the available metal roofing designs. Whether your taste runs to modern shining metal or an old wooden shingle, you can find a metal that fits your dreams.

Along with the variety of design choices, metal roofs are a favorite of many homeowners due to the perks that built into this type of roofing. The significant perks include:

  • Lifespan- A metal roof might protect your home for as long as seventy years.
  • Wind protection- Florida is hit with severe wind multiple times in a year, and a metal roof is your best bet when it comes to withstanding fierce winds.
  • Water-proof- No need to worry about a leaky roof when you install a metal roof as a properly installed one is impervious to water.
  • Fire-proof- Property insurance companies, such as State Farm, appreciate the fact that metal roofs won’t catch fire if an ember lands on the roof.
  • Energy friendly- Unlike many roofing materials, metal roofs are recyclable and won’t end up in a crowded landfill someday. Also, you’ll likely see a decrease in your heating and cooling bills.

There are some downsides to metal roofs to keep in mind when you begin shopping for a new roof. Buyers sometimes balk at (1) a higher initial price than asphalt shingles, (2) the sound that rain pounding against the metal creates, and (3) the potential for damage and rust if water pools on the roof for a while.


Asphalt shingles

Asphalt shingles are the far and away most popular choice when it comes to a roofing system. With a wide range of available colors and designs, homeowners all over Florida regularly invest in a shingle roof. Here are some pros and cons to this choice.

Shingle roofing systems are an affordable choice that will last up to twenty years with proper maintenance. You can rely on an asphalt shingle roofing system for (1) lower cost to purchase and install, (2) a style and color that fits the style of your home, (3) relatively simple installation and maintenance,(4) waterproof and fireproof and (5) a look that blends beautifully with other homes in your community.

Although asphalt shingles come with plenty of perks, no product is perfect, and shingles are no exception. A potential negative includes vulnerability to strong winds. In general, older shingle roof systems fail under the stress of severe wind at a higher rate than the newer asphalt shingles. We can help you to choose an asphalt shingle wind classification that fits your needs.

Asphalt shingles don’t last nearly as long as the standard metal roofing system. Expect to replace the shingles every fifteen to twenty years. Of course, as you might not stay in your current home more than the average lifespan of the shingle the shorter time period might not matter.

Lastly, when you look at the pros and cons regarding the metal roof vs. shingles question, the professionals at Tornado Roofing & Contracting Inc. have the experience and knowledge to help you choose the best option for your home. Contact us today for a new roof that will gracefully protect your home into the future.

Quick Roof Tips | Best Roofing Company Near South Florida

18 03, 2019

Tips for How to Hire a Qualified Roofer

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Replacing a roof is not a task homeowners can or will do themselves. It really is just too difficult. The best way to replace a roof is to have a professional roofer take care of the job. Here are three things to keep in mind for finding a qualified roofer:

Plan Ahead:

It’s never good for owners to look for a roofer when they’re desperate to get the job done. This will lead to hasty decisions. Instead, owners should be pro-active and make a decision to replace a roof long before the situation gets worse and more interior damage occurs.

Tips for How to Hire a Qualified Roofer | Best Roofing Contractor Near Me

Best Roofing Contractor Near South Florida

Get Referrals:

Owners should obtain referrals from friends who are satisfied with the work done on their homes. They should also do an occasional drive-by of a home where the roofer is currently working to get a feel for how thorough a job they’re likely to do.

Get Three Written Estimates Owners should have three roofers come out to measure the roof, inspect the work to be done and provide an estimate of cost for labor and materials. The owner should compare those numbers and then make a decision that works best for them.

Select a local Licensed and Insured Roofing Contractor. These are all guarantees that the roofer has been certified to do the job you’re about to hire them to do. Homeowners should hire expert roofers to work on their homes, because even the small damages may be much more serious than what initially appears.


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29 01, 2019

Roof Tips

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Roof care is very important to the upkeep of a home or facility.

Quick Roof Tips | Best Roofing Company Near South Florida

Best Roofing Company Near South Florida

Here are some general tips to make sure your roof remains in good shape.

  • After storms, Tornado Roofing & Contracting will check your attic for water stains.
  • We can perform a visual roof inspection to check for existing damage and provide a no-cost quote for repair or replacement.
  • We would walk the roof surface to photograph and document any areas of concern or potential future but preventable roof issues.
  • We are also offering complimentary visual roof inspections on homes, buildings or facilities owned or managed.
  • Experienced technicians certified to work on most types of roof systems, will arrive at your site with all of the necessary resources to immediately assess damage, provide temporary repairs, if necessary, then complete permanent repairs to quickly get your home, building or facility back in operation.
  • Gutter repair services are available if required, as well as gutter replacement and cleaning.
  • Never walk on your roof unless you have no other option.


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