If you have a tiled roof, you need to stay on top of maintenance and repairs. A tile roof is a long-lasting one but if you ignore it, you can find it falling apart. Then holes can form and leaks occur. No one wants that to happen so let’s look at tile roof repair and why it’s vital.

What Goes into Tile Roof Repair

Tile roofs are more than tile, there are a few layers. Those layers are:

  • Roof deck
  • Underlayment
  • Tiles
  • Ridge caps

The roof deck is likely to become rotted and must be replaced. This can be a bit more labor-intensive than other repairs and replacements. This is an important one as the entire roof is at its mercy. It will be weakened and a storm can rip off parts of the roof. In some severe cases, the entire tile roof can collapse and you will face a high cost for home improvement. Since Pompano Beach and other areas of South Florida get hit with intense storms frequently, the importance is even stronger.

Underlayment, tiles, and ridge caps are the easier parts to maintain and repair. You can often get free estimates from a roofing professional that can help you with taking care of your roof.

Re-roofing Tiled Roof Segments

The good news about a tiled roof is that you can re-roof in sections, rather than replacing the entire roof. Focusing on tiles that need to be replaced is the best way to extend the life of your tile and avoid roof leaks. By doing it in segments, you can save yourself a lot of money in the long run.

Also note that if you do not re-roof the tile in a timely fashion, any water damage to the home may not be covered by your insurance. They will ask for a maintenance schedule to determine if you are negligent in the care.

Why Repair My Tile Roofs?

  • Missing tiles
  • A leak that has been identified or noticeable inside or outside the home
  • Damaged tiles, broken tiles, or cracked tiles
  • The underlayment has been damaged

All these issues will result in leaks and structural damage to the roof and home.

Types of Tile Roof Repairs

There are three types of roof tile that are on the market:

  • Shingles
  • Concrete tile
  • Clay tile

They each have similar processes for roof repair but they can also vary a bit.


You will find that in Florida there are two types of asphalt shingles: architectural and dimensional. The dimensional shingles are a premium grade of asphalt shingles. If these are curled, cracked, or broken then repairs should be done quickly. For cracked shingles, a roofing sealant is applied beneath the crack. The shingle is pressed down and the roofing sealant is applied to the top. This is a quick and easy repair that still should be done by a professional to ensure it’s done right. Broken and curled shingles will be replaced with new tile.

Concrete Roof Tiles

Concrete tiles are the strongest tiles on the market. They can hold up for many years and withstand the harshest of environments. A concrete tile roof repair can be similar to the shingles. If there are cracks or holes in the tile, then roofing cement is used to repair it. For a damaged tile, replacing it with a new tile is the solution. Here is where it gets tricky. Many times the concrete tile will not match the old tiles due to fading color and sometimes the colors are discontinued.

Clay Tile

A clay tile roof is a popular option in hotter environments. They are hurricane-resistant while also tolerating heat, fire, and water. They are lighter than concrete tiles and are also the eco-friendly option of all tile roofs. They can last decades without ever needing a replacement. Repairing them is not nearly as easy as one would think. For small cracks, a wire brush is used to scrub the area before filling it with plastic roofing cement. If you are experiencing leaks, a skilled roofer is needing to repair a roof leak. They need to identify where the leak is and replace the clay tiles as needed.

Before attempting your own roof repair, call us in Pompano Beach to learn more about your options. Serving the Southern region of Florida requires excellent work and customer service. We can handle any repair job, leak, or tile replacement that is necessary. Our experts will walk you through the entire process and ensure a professional job is done well.