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    Waterproofing Systems

    Waterproofing your roof in Florida might seem counter-intuitive. After all, Florida is one of the sunniest states in the US, so what benefit could waterproofing provide?

    To answer that question fully, you must first look at the purpose of a roof. A good roof is designed to protect the contents of the building it sits on top of from weather of all kinds, be it bright sunshine or pouring rain, high winds or gentle breezes. For the people inside, it makes the environment comfortable no matter what the weather is like outside.

    For the building itself, a roof will prevent the sun from glaring directly down inside a set of rooms and will also help to regulate the interior temperature of the whole building. But more importantly, the roof will stop and deflect any precipitation that falls from the sky – in short, it stops the rain getting in, which isn’t just a matter of keeping people dry.

    What’s rain got to do with it?

    You might think that a little drop of rain here and there won’t hurt all that much, but that isn’t the case. It’s far more than an annoyance as any water getting inside the internal fabric of a building can cause damage, and you might not be able to see the full effects immediately.

    It can be as simple as a few marks down the wall, which you could clean up and paint over – it’s a chore, but it’s simple enough. However, water can cause much greater damage than that. Should water get into brick walls, the bricks will be weakened. Any changes in temperature can cause the water to expand or contract, which can eventually destroy the inner structure of the bricks, leading to weak spots in your walls, and the eventual collapse of that wall.

    While that may be an extreme circumstance, the more water that gets in, the more likely that is to occur. If you can do anything to prevent that kind of damage, it is better to take action sooner rather than later.

    Many buildings are built with wooden frames or support structures, and a roof is commonly supported by wood beams. Should water come into contact with this wood, rot and decay may set in, weakening the support structure of the building and possibly presenting health risks with the growth of fungi. Further, the water may run along the length of the beam right to the end and make its way into the walls and cause problems as noted above.

    When enough of the wood in your building has rotted, its structural integrity is compromised, and you are a strong gust of wind away from the roof collapsing – and that’s not a situation you ever want to contend with, nor would you want to expose the people inside your building to such potential danger.

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    Waterproofing Systems Protection from Hurricanes

    Florida is often troubled by hurricanes which can cause a sudden increase in the amount of rain a particular area faces. The problem can be two-fold – the hurricane, due to its nature, will bring thunderstorms with it. This can bring hail (which is ice that will melt into water) and a heavy downfall of rain and can also sweep up water from the ocean which is dropped on land as the hurricane progresses.

    While there may not be hurricanes all year round, and there may not be too many large ones, just one thunderstorm can cause significant damage to a building if the roof allows access to water. When combined with strong winds you have a dangerous mixture – the winds could cause the roof to be damaged and allow even more access to water.

    A strong roof that is fit for purpose and can prevent water entry is the ideal situation. If you are at all worried about the integrity of your roof, make sure to get in touch with us as soon as possible.

    How can I Waterproof my Roof in Florida?

    There are many different styles of roof in Florida, and each one requires a different approach to ensure that it is waterproof. For example, shingles may have holes or gaps that need caulking to prevent leaks, whereas other roof types may require an elastomeric system to prevent the ingress of water.

    Flashing may need to be replaced for proper drainage. Your roof may be angled to take all rainfall in one direction and filter it into a drainage system, but if the corner where everything meets has substandard flashing, a percentage of that water will penetrate the roof and not go where it was intended to.

    From ground level, your roof may look perfectly fine, but it is only when you get up-close that you discover where all the holes, defects, and areas that need repair are. We are experts in roof repair and maintenance, and have the experience to identify the areas that will potentially become major problems over time.

    Waterproofing Your Roof Can Save Money

    While there is certainly a cost associated with waterproofing your roof in Florida, we offer true value for money and you will find our prices to be highly competitive. Perhaps more importantly, waterproofing your roof will protect the roof and the building underneath it.

    It would be far more costly to rebuild (even partially) a building than it would be to waterproof your roof, and it is certainly a simpler process to waterproof a roof than it is to rebuild and replace a water-damaged one.

    Roof Waterproofing Systems in Florida

    We know that every roof is different, but the fact remains that your roof needs to be strong and leak-free to best protect your building. Contact us today to discuss the best way to protect your roof with waterproofing and preventative maintenance.

    Taking action now will protect you roof and building for many years to come and avoid the potential expense of having to rebuild when the water damage becomes too extreme.

    Get in touch now and let us keep your property safe.

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