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    Concrete Tiles

    Concrete tiles are a cost-effective roofing solution suitable for the climate of Florida. They can be made to look like other materials and painted in different colors, providing flexibility that other roofing systems may be unable to match.

    Tornado Roofing installs, replaces and repairs concrete tile roofs in Florida at highly competitive prices. We work with a wide range of roofing materials including concrete tiles.

    Why Choose Concrete Tiles?

    Concrete tiles are a great choice of roofing material, especially if you live near the coast. They will help keep your building safe from exposure to the weather and have a particular ability to prevent the ingress of moisture. Concrete roof tiles lock together on ridges which helps to prevent unwanted moisture entering your building.

    This is useful during storms and hurricanes, as the tiles are secured firmly and the potential for water damage is greatly reduced.

    There are many different types of roofing in Florida, and concrete tiles are flatter than other types of tiles (e.g. clay tiles) but can be made to mimic them. Concrete tiles can also be painted, and so the finish is available in a variety of colors. If you want to change the look of your building, or even want to make it stand out, concrete tiles should be a prime consideration.

    Economical to install, concrete tiles will give you years of service, especially if you take care to ensure they are properly looked after and maintained.

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    Concrete Tile Roof Maintenance and Repair

    Like other tile systems, dislodged or slipped tiles can cause a problem with the integrity of the roof. Our skilled and professional team are fully trained in concrete tile roofing maintenance and repair and will be able to reseat or replace damaged tiles with ease.

    Waterproofing is available, and maintenance to remove small plants that may begin to grow could be necessary. Looking after your roof will make sure its lifespan is maximized, so if you need roof maintenance services in Florida, make sure to call Tornado Roofing.

    We offer an emergency leak repair service should you require it, and we’ll make sure that your building is protected from the elements all year round.

    If you require a new concrete tile roof installation or maintenance on your exiting roof, please contact us today.

    Concrete Tile Roofing in Florida

    Concrete tile roofs in Florida are a great choice for protecting your building, and for a cost-effective solution that has the potential to make your building stand out for all the right reasons. We work with both residential and commercial customers and can provide repair services as well as complete concrete tile roof installations.

    Our team is extremely knowledgeable as well as being friendly and professional. We will put you and your building in first place, and help you choose the roofing solution that fits your requirements as well as your budget.

    Get in touch today to find out more about our roofing services and we’ll be able to assist you with all your concrete tiling needs.

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    Better roofing services begin with an experienced contractor team that has the skills to work with any materials you need. When other services providers only seem to provide one or two roofing services, it makes home maintenance a hassle.
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