Traditionally, metal roofs came in boring industrial colors. Now, the only limitation on your metal roof color is your own imagination. Metal roofing materials can now be found in is nearly any solid color you can think of.

Tornado Roofing is eager to help you select the best metal roof color for your project, residential or commercial. With detail-oriented, highly skilled contractors waiting to help you, you’re sure to enjoy the results.

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Because metal roofs come in so many colors it’s hard to decide the best option for your project. Therefore, there are a few details that should be taken into consideration when deciding on a metal roof color. Colored metal roofing materials are treated with UV resistant paint to prevent fading, and maintain the color for decades.

Neighborhood Aesthetics

You should try to coordinate with your neighborhood appearance to keep your property value within the market range. Take a look at the roof styles of your neighbors. And choose a color that will look good with your own home’s color for years to come. Metal roof options last decades, so the color will stick around for much longer than you might expect.

There are many types of metal roofing materials that can be used. Options range from traditional corrugated steel to formed shingles and stone treated tiles. All of these options give the benefits of metal roofing while keeping with more traditional appearances.

Climate and Weather

Importantly, metal roofing can significantly affect your heating and cooling bill in certain climates. If you live somewhere with high temperatures, a light-colored or reflective roofing option will save money on your cooling bill. Whereas, if you live somewhere cooler, a dark roofing option will save money on your heating bill.

Further, different types of metal roofing will withstand different weather patterns better than others. Florida sees a lot of heavy weather. Roofing that will stay strong through many seasons will be beneficial to you as a homeowner. For that reason, you should consult your Tornado Roofing contractor to discuss your specific needs.

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Paint Finish Options

If the metal roof material you’re looking at is a painted base it’s important to look at the quality and type of paint used. For your roof to stand up to the elements without losing its color you should be certain that the paint used meets certain criteria.

Kynar 500 is a common UV resistant acrylic resin based paint that protects the metal material from peeling, flaking, fading, corroding, rusting or leaking. It is one of only a few EnergyStar rated paints for metal roofing, and the only paint that comes with a 30-year warranty.

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In the end, your home will need a beautiful roof. Metal roofing options provide long term protection from weather, and generations of aesthetic perfection. The best way to decide what option works best for your home is to schedule a consultation with one of our skilled Tornado Roofing contractors. They can discuss your specific needs, and look at the options that will best suit those needs.