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    Modified Bitumen Roof

    Modified Bitumen Roof

    Modified bitumen roofs are long lasting and durable, but you might not have considered using one before. After all, bitumen is a type of asphalt which you may consider to be more suitable for paving parking lots than using as a roof.

    Luckily, the strengths that make it a great solution on the ground also apply when it’s over your head. There are certain situations where any other kind of roofing material would be impossible to use. That’s what makes modified bitumen the perfect flat roof in many ways, depending on the job.

    Why You Should Choose a Modified Bitumen Roof

    The most common application of modified bitumen roofing systems is in concert with a flat roof. Flat roofs are often much less strong than their peaked or domed counterparts, and often do not have the structural strength to support heavy tiles or even lightweight metal roofing.

    Modified bitumen roofs can be installed in sheet form, or as a bitumen application over a prepared area. Any seams are joined by melting the two areas together which effectively prevents leaks and makes the covering watertight.

    Other flat roofing solutions will have seams that cannot be joined in this way, resulting in a roof that can be lifted by the wind and gaps that can allow water in. Bitumen roofs will protect from storms, including hurricanes, and will stand strong against wind and rain.

    Usefully for buildings in Florida, modified bitumen will not be damaged by heat either. Different bitumen mixes are suitable for different locations and mix specifically designed for Florida. One of the benefits is that Bitumen can help keep the temperature of the rooms down. It can be a problem if you get a roof that attracts heat. The warm air can stay in your attic which will raise your utility bill and cause massive problems in your life.

    Modified bitumen roofs can last for 20 years, but this timescale is not directly comparable to other roofing types (e.g. clay tiles). Many clay roofs are often unsuitable for the same application as a bitumen roof. Tiled roofs can last for 50 or 100 years, but the weight, size, or shape of the tiles would prevent them from providing a useful and usable solution.

    This type of roofing is often quick to install and can provide protection for large or small roofing areas.

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    Modified Bitumen Roof Maintenance and Repair

    A newly installed bitumen roof in Florida should last for years but may need maintenance from time to time. Regularly scheduled maintenance, as well as repairs when they are needed, will help you gain the maximum benefit from your roofing installation.

    One of the more common problems with flat roofs of all kinds (and modified bitumen is no exception) is the potential for pooling and puddling after rain and storms. This is to be avoided wherever possible as it may reduce the longevity of the roof and may eventually result in leaks. The weight from the pooling can cause deformations in the roof that worsen over time, eventually leading to a split developing.

    At Tornado Roofing we offer an emergency leak repair service, so should this unfortunate event occur to your existing roof, we’ll be happy to come along and make repairs where they are needed. Our skilled and professional team are fully trained and know how to deal with all situations involving issues with modified bitumen roofing.

    A professional installed flat roof made of modified bitumen in Florida should have minimal pooling or puddling, whereas roofs that were installed many years ago may suffer heavily from this issue.

    Other problems may include tearing or cracking in the finish, which again can result in leaks. This can be caused by environmental factors or damage caused by walking on the flat roof area. Sharp objects coming into contact with the modified bitumen roof may also cause holes to appear. We can repair and seal the leaks caused by these problems to make your roof as good as new.

    In the worst case, you may reach a position where a complete roof replacement is required, but we will always evaluate the situation first to see if a repair would be as effective. Our team will efficiently and effectively replace your modified bitumen roof with the minimum disruption. This approach will protect your building for many years to come.

    Bitumen roofs will benefit from reinforcement and protective coatings. We provide these surfaces to help you get the best from your roof and advise that any protective coatings be reapplied on a regular basis.

    Modified bitumen roofs can be recoated with bitumen several times before requiring replacement which is a cost-effective method of providing protection for your building and can extend the lifespan of your existing roof by several years.

    Modified Bitumen Roofing in Florida

    Offering great protection against wind and rain, modified bitumen roofing will offer resistance to the effects that hurricanes may have on other types of roofing. We work with both residential and commercial customers to provide modified bitumen roofing solutions and can provide repair services to damaged roofs.

    Our friendly and professional team has a great experience with all kinds of roofing systems including modified bitumen and flat roofs. The solutions we provide will be custom designed for you. In addition, we have won awards for our flat roofs. Some of our clients refer to us as the specialists and only real experienced professionals in the flat roofing game.

    Our aim is complete customer satisfaction, and we’ll put your needs and the requirements of your building first. We work to the highest safety standards and know that you will appreciate a “job well done” just as much as we do. We appreciate being recommended to others because of the quality of our work, and so do all that we can to meet your needs.

    Modified bitumen roofs in Florida are cost effective and will provide years of service if looked after properly.

    To find out more about modified bitumen roofing and how Tornado Roofing can help you get your roof installed or repaired, get in touch with us today.

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