Roof Replacement

Eventually, every roofing system needs to be replaced, as it’s no longer safe or cost-effective to maintain. While you can patch, seal, and install new individual tiles, the entire roof will eventually need to be replaced. We’ll give you the confidence to tackle the prospect of replacing your roof by providing the best service possible.
Daily exposure to the elements, pressure, weight from materials, and rotted wood can leave your home vulnerable to water intrusion. Don’t let your roof get to that point. The majority of roofs are designed to last at least 20 years, but major storms, animals, and acts of God may impact that lifespan.

For the best in local roof replacement solutions, you won’t find a more qualified team than Tornado Roofing. We provide more than 20 years of experience in breaking down and replacing more roofs than anyone else around. We understand what each roof needs based on the climate, your vision, and your budget. If you are looking for a seamless roofing job, you’ve come to the right place.
We refurbish roofs of all ages and sizes, and we remain confident that you’ll enjoy your new roof for years. Our extensive inventory of roofing materials affords us the opportunity to work with houses both large and small! Contact our expert team of professional roofers today for all of your roof replacement needs.

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    Is it Time For a New Roof?

    Depending on the quality of installation and the materials used, some roofing systems may not need replacing for decades; however, it only takes one severe storm to leave behind extensive damage that can’t be ignored. In the case of storm damage, the last thing you need is a novice contractor who will only add more stress to an already stressful situation. The contractors at Tornado Roofing have been dealing with storm-damaged roofs for over two decades, and we know how to handle stressful situations with grace and professionalism.
    Depending on the material used, roofs can vary greatly in terms of lifespan. For example, asphalt shingles can last anywhere from a dozen years to 20, but mold, mildew, heavy wind, and rain can often shorten a roof’s lifespan. While other materials may withstand inclement weather to a higher degree, a direct storm impact soon sends tiles flying.
    No matter which roofing system your home relies on, our staff guarantees the best service around. Contact us today for:

    • Asphalt Shingles

    • Clay Tiles

    • Ceramic Tile Roofs

    • Concrete Roofing Tiles

    • Metal Roof Panels

    • Flat Roofing Systems

    • Sloped Roofs

    • Residential Replacement Roofs

    • Commercial Roof Replacement

    • And more roofing materials.

    When you hire experienced contractors who offer more services for less, it only means a better, longer-lasting roof to enjoy. A roof is an investment and working with us provides the greatest return! Set your home up for success today!

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    New Tile Roofing

    Many homes throughout the state of Florida utilize tile roofing systems, which are usually clay or Terracotta. However, it’s not necessarily broken tiles that indicate a pending roof makeover; we determine when the initial flashing (flashing is a thin material which is usually made out of galvanized steel, and is made to sit underneath tile to help prevent water damage) was installed and go from there. 
    Despite their popularity, the overwhelming majority of tile roofs don’t have the correct level of flashing applied. While that isn’t an immediate concern, it does reduce the overall effectiveness and life span of your system.
    Many people begin to experience issues with their roof after a few years if they live in an area which is highly prone to chaotic weather. Due to the hurricanes we experience in South Florida, many roofs need to be replaced every 15-20 years. However, we can provide the correct flashing materials to keep your new roof working for as long as 50 years.
    When you need to receive as many benefits as possible from your tile roofing system, we recommend a contractor that has a track record of success. No other team achieves a higher quality of care than our residential roofing experts.

    Roof Replacement Contractor South Florida | Roofing Company Near Me

    Re-Roof Secondary Systems

    Much of the cost of a roof installation goes directly to labor and preparation materials. A re-roof system can save you thousands on a replacement with less hassle than a complete unit teardown.
    Not every building can qualify for the service, as there are strict building codes and weight considerations. However, typical family homes will allow for a secondary system to be installed directly to the initial layer.
    A re-roof project also alleviates some of the risks involved with tearing down an existing system. Among the most crucial to avoid is accidentally causing a tear for water to intrude indoors.
    If your building qualifies for a second layer to be installed, then we want to help save you more today. Contact us, your commercial re-roofing experts, to reduce your costs for replacement systems.

    Roof Replacement Contractor South Florida | Roofing Company Near Me

    Upgraded Material Roof

    When your home or office is already in need of a new roof, it’s the ideal time to upgrade to a different material. While most households get built with a standard asphalt shingle system, many homeowners feel the need for change eventually.
    Some building materials offer enhanced energy savings, while others can better withstand severe weather. With Tornado Roofing, it’s possible to have the best of both worlds. If you’re trying to add more personality and value to your house, an upgraded system is a straightforward way to go. Add curb appeal, save money on your electric bill, and protect your home or business from weather! It’s a win-win.
    A general rule of thumb for roof lifespan is 20 years; however, many factors such as animals and weather may affect this number. If you are beginning to see curled shingle edges, bald spots, cracked shingles, dark streaks, or moss, it may be a good time to contact an expert. Dark streaks and moss indicate a buildup of moisture or algae underneath the shingles. While these things are usually a cosmetic issue, the smart choice is to have your roof inspected with safety in mind.
    No matter which tiles, panels, or other metal roofing products your house relies on, our roofing experts know just what to do. We’ll be with you every step of the way to make sure that your vision becomes a reality. We install, remove, and replace more systems and materials than anyone else in town.When you’re prepared to change from standard roofing tiles to metal, wood, clay, and more, you can count on us. Contact our team today for your new system and enjoy better protection for years to come

    Roof Replacement Contractor South Florida | Roofing Company Near Me

    When to Replace Your Roof

    For many homeowners, it remains challenging to figure out whether or not your roof remains in working order. Even after losing a few tiles following a severe storm, your system as a whole could stay functional with a few minor repairs. As we said above, we check for damage done to the structure and flashing. While aesthetic damage is important to repair, our #1 priority is to protect a building’s interior from the outside elements.
    The best way to determine your replacement needs is to contact us for an annual safety inspection. We’ll make sure to check for all key indicators that may point to an area of concern. We walk your entire roof, looking for any evidence of wood rot, structural concerns, or water damage. We’ll give you our professional opinion and show you the areas of concern.
    From there, we will meet with you to determine which replacement or repair service suits your immediate needs and budget. Whether it’s more economical to install a re-roof or to strip down and rebuild, we offer it all for less.
    Whatever solution your building needs, you can rely on our team for the best results possible on every call. Contact us today to determine the condition of your roof and for the best replacement solutions.

    Commercial Replacement Roofing

    While the roof of a commercial building will outlast a residential one, it doesn’t mean it remains impervious to moisture. Eventually, even elastomeric and other polymer systems will develop leaks and need to be replaced. As a business owner, protecting your business and investment should be your #1 priority; we’re here to offer the protection that your business needs.
    Many commercial property managers forget to inspect their roofs for leaks periodically, and many systems have lingering issues that stay ignored. It doesn’t help that an industrial roof can last anywhere from a decade to 50 years under the right conditions. Your roof may be hiding structural damage, sagging spots, and water damage without you even realizing it! Sometimes roof damage is hard to spot, especially when the structure still looks great aesthetically. This is why it is so important to have routine roof check-ups at least twice a year.
    If you feel as though it’s time to replace your roof, we can offer a professional opinion, help remove the initial product, replace the flashing, install the new material, and perform routine maintenance on the roofing that keeps your place of business safe. We offer these roofing services in South Florida:

    • Thermoplastic Roofing (TPO)

    • PVC Systems

    • Modified Bitumen

    • Built-Up Roofing Systems

    • Metal Commercial Roofs

    • EPDM Membrane Systems

    • Sprayed Polyurethane Foam (SPF)

    • Flat Roof Systems

    • Sloped Commercial Roofs

    • Replacement Tile Systems

    • Liquified Polymer Coating

    • Commercial Re-Roofing Service

    • And more replacement roofing solutions.

    We replace roofs of all shapes, sizes, and materials. By taking an individualized approach to each and every job, we ensure extensive protection and complete client satisfaction. Tornado Roofing provides quality workmanship for a price that won’t break the bank; see why we are the trusted choice for hundreds of South Florida business owners.

    Residential Roofing Replacement

    At Tornado Roofing, we understand that a roof is much more than eye candy. A quality roofing job will help protect your home from animals, elements, and severe weather systems. To get the most out of your residential investment, a good roof is a necessary expenditure: keep your family safe, protect your assets, and add some visual appeal!
    A big investment goes hand-in-hand with big responsibility, and we’re more than prepared to deliver. We treat each client and roof with respect, integrity, and professionalism, which is why we have garnered a reputation for being the best in our area.
    Protect your home! We guarantee that the interior of your household will be free from any damage that may have otherwise been caused by water damage. The expense of redoing your roof now is small in comparison to the severe damage that may have been caused by a leaky roof. Don’t let your roof become a breeding ground for bacteria, mold, moisture, and rot. Issues like this may lead to rats in the attic and water stains on the ceiling.

    • Water leak and damage detection 

    • Gutter cleaning and downspout replacement 

    • Replacement flashing 

    • Punctured membrane systems 

    • Residential roof repairs and replacements

    • Vents and vent boots 

    • Mold & mildew growth detection and prevention 

    • Replacement fascia boards and roofing shingles 

    We replace roofs of all shapes and sizes. We offer residential roof repair services that cover the gambit. A replacement roof, timely roof maintenance, and roof repair are just a phone call away. We offer a wide array of roofing solutions for every homeowner in South Florida. Help us protect your home, your investment, and your assets. When you need your roof operating at a peak level of performance, you’ll know who to call

    Why Hire Us?

    Replacing a roofing system remains a challenging process, and it’s something that requires dedication and experience to do correctly. For the last 20 years, our contractors have installed, repaired, and replaced countless roofs and materials throughout South Florida.
    We remain a trustworthy choice for savvy homeowners trying to save more on labor and material costs. If you need to know your new roofing system will last a lifetime, we always achieve better results.
    When you need a replacement roof for your home or office, you need Tornado Roofing today.