You’re hunkering down at home, listening to the relentless rain pound against the roof. Suddenly, you notice the tell-tale sound of water dripping from the ceiling. Keep reading to learn how today’s methods for waterproofing roofs can save you from this common annoyance.

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Did you know that even a relatively new roof can leak? It’s true; we’ve helped countless homeowners repair leaks on more modern roofs. Roofs of all ages are subject to leaks. Some of the most common reasons that your roof might allow water into your home include:

  • Advanced age
  • Missing shingles
  • Water saturation
  • Holes in the surface of the roof
  • Gaps around vents
  • Clogged gutters
  • Flashing problems
  • A buildup of debris on the roof
  • Improper roof slope

As you can tell, there is a substantial array of reasons for a roofing system to spring a leak. Unfortunately, significant amounts of damage to the structure of your house can occur once moisture makes it into your home. What’s more, the damaging effects of a leaking roof often go undetected for an extended time.

Downsides of a leaking roof

There’s no doubt that a leaky roof is something to avoid. Along with damaging your house, the problems that occur when water gets into your home can be costly to repair. Examples of the types of things that happen when your roof fails to protect your home include:

  • Extensive structural damage
  • Ineffective insulation
  • Mold
  • Electrical damage
  • Drywall decay

There’s no ignoring the reality that a leaky roof can lead to hefty repair bills. Fortunately, you won’t need to endure roofing woes if you consult with the professionals who make their living waterproofing roofs in Naples, Florida. 

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Trust a Roofing Contractor

The surest way to the integrity of your roof is to have it checked out and maintained by a professional roofing company. Although a homeowner can attempt to patch a roof leak, it’s usually more cost-effective to leave this all-important work to a licensed contractor. 

A high-quality roofing company, such as Tornado Roofing & Contracting Inc., is much better suited to waterproofing roofs than a harried homeowner. Lifehack notes that some of the terrific reasons to hire a roofing expert include:

  • A professional has experience in all aspects of roofing
  • An expert has the knowledge to successfully waterproof the roof
  • Roof work is dangerous
  • Improperly installed and maintained roofs will fail

Trust your roof to high-quality contractors who know the ins and outs of Collier County roofs. Tornado Roofing & Contracting Inc., for instance, has the expertise to effectively waterproof all types of residential and commercial roofs in Naples. Contact us for a comprehensive roof consultation today.

Waterproofing roofs begin with an inspection

Waterproofing an existing roof is typically accomplished as part of overall roof restoration. A top-flight roofing company understands that effective moisture control relies on the entire roofing system working together to repel water. Your roof restoration will include multiple steps to deliver total waterproofing.

The initial step in the waterproofing process is a thorough inspection of every aspect of the roof. The investigation begins with an examination of the roof’s structural elements. Your inspector looks for evidence of roof problems, such as sags, as well as clues that problems might be about to begin. 

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Condition of Materials is Important

The second phase of the inspection centers on the condition of the roofing materials. Are the shingles curling? Are there issues with the flashing? Examining the strength of the materials is an essential part of the inspection process as no waterproofing system will last for long if the underlying materials are in bad shape.

The professional roof inspector won’t forget to check the interior of your house for evidence that water has made its way inside. Make sure that the inspector can readily access the attic area to examine the underside of the roof.

Another critical component of the process involves looking for improperly designed and installed parts of the roof. You might be surprised, for instance, how often roof issues stem from the incorrect placement of the gutters.

It’s well worth it to have an experienced roof inspector examine your home once a year. Yearly appointments are a safe way to handle problems before they lead to extensive, very costly repairs.

Once the inspection takes place, you’ll receive a complete overview of the state of your roof and any recommended repairs and improvements. Don’t forget to ask any questions that you have at this stage of the restoration. Roof work is a vital investment, and you deserve to have complete confidence in your contractor.

Waterproofing and roof restoration

Repair and maintenance are critical to the roof restoration Naples homeowners need to achieve a roof that stands up well against southwest Florida’s most violent storms. Regular roof inspections make it simple to ensure the structural and performance integrity required to achieve effective waterproofing.

A well-maintained roof enjoys substantial waterproofing capabilities. Some types of roofs, however, benefit from an added layer of waterproofing. In general, you should consider applying a waterproofing sealant to your roof if it’s flat or has a low slope.

There are a variety of roof coatings on the market today. Popular options include (1) acrylic, (2) asphalt, (3) silicone, (4) emulsified asphalt, and (5) surfactant treated sealants. Not all of the sealants are appropriate for every type of roofing material. Your contractor will explain the pros and cons of each type of roof covering so you can make an informed choice.

Now you know how a roof restoration will improve the performance of your roof. Let’s turn our attention to the primary reason that you must work to waterproof your roof hurricanes.

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Waterproofing roofs and hurricanes

Hurricane Irma roared through Naples in September 2017. Winds of approximately one hundred-forty miles per hour combined with buckets of rain pounded the area for two hours. Irma left behind substantial structural damage. Naples residents were still rebuilding nearly one year later.

Regular maintenance appointments with a company that specializes in waterproofing roofs are a great way to prepare for the next great storm to come our way. It’s also a smart idea to make sure that your roof includes hurricane straps and gable braces. You might also consider putting in an extra water barrier underneath the roof covering.

Contact us at Tornado Roofing & Contracting Inc. for assistance in making sure that your roof is hurricane ready. We’ll make sure that your roof meets the stringent building codes designed to protect homes in Collier County.

Additional things that you can do to protect your home before and during a hurricane include:

    • Installing hurricane-resistant shutters
  • Cutting branches that overhang your home
  • Purchase an emergency power generator
  • Invest in hurricane-resistant window glass
  • Remove unsecured items from yard

The Florida Emergency Preparedness Guide and the Florida Division of Emergency Management have a wealth of information on how to survive a hurricane disaster.

Lastly, waterproofing roofs is not an impossible goal. With committed attention to roof restoration, Naples homeowners can protect their homes from the damage that comes from roof leaks. Invest in an affordable roof restoration today to protect your most important investment, the house you call home.

Contact us at Tornado Roofing & Contracting Inc. for complete, affordable roof services in Naples, FL. We make a daily commitment to meeting the highest customer service and technical standards in the industry.