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Clay, Ceramic and Concrete Roof Tile Using Polyfoam AH-160 Installation

Gutters & Downspouts

Repair gutter leaks, new installations and gutter cleaning

New Roof or Re-Roofing

Tornado Roofing & Contracting has the capabilities, resources and equipment to install new roofing using any type of material specification using any products available without using subcontractors. We are also roof tile experts and can install all types of concrete, ceramic or clay roof tile, installed using the best materials and finest installation procedures.

Tornado Roofing & Contracting uses top-of-the-line materials and provides quality service to replace your old, worn or damaged roofing. We have our own heavy-duty dump trucks and high-lift trucks to remove all roof related trash and debris from the job site and clean up on a daily basis. We strive in working to make sure that all inspections by our local Building Officials are satisfactorily completed and approved.

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Roof Repairs

Roof leaks can be a real hassle for the homeowner, especially if the roof leak begins to cause serious damage to the home’s interior, like ceiling damage. We make sure that the areas requiring repair are cut out down to the wood sheathing to locate the point of intrusion and to be sure that the wood has not started to develop any fungus or mold. The roofing removed to stop the water intrusion will then be replaced with new materials to complete the repair. We also provide emergency damage response whenever there is a major wind or rain event.


Roof Maintenance

Tornado Roofing & Contracting excels at providing energy-saving coatings and waterproofing services as well as environmental solutions. To make certain that the membrane roofing on your facility reaches its full life expectancy, we will provide a preventive maintenance agreement which will comply with any manufacturer’s warranty requirements and help extend the life of your roofing system. Our highly trained roof assessment specialists will perform an on- site inspection of the existing roofing membrane and let the owner know what is required  to keep the roof in a watertight condition.

Building Contractor Services

Tornado Roofing & Contracting provides building services to add an addition, repair any damaged building components or change the appearance of the interior or exterior of a home or facility. Our Contractors read the plans and specifications to be on point with any architect or engineer designs and then make sure the project is completed in perfection.

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